SOAPSonar Personal Edition 4.5.5 Free download

SOAPSonar Personal Edition 4.5.5

  • Publisher:Crosscheck Networks
  • Version:4.5.5
  • Operation System: Windows NT / 2K / XP / 2003
  • License:Freeware
  • File Size:69.1 MB

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SOAPSonar Personal Edition 4.5.5Description

Free XML, SOAP, and REST based service testing. Functional, performance, compliance, and security testing modes. Full support for WSDL-based SOAP testing with comprehensive WSDL Schema parsing and SOAP message generation. Identity and security testing features including WS-Identity, WS-Security, SAML, WS-Trust, SSL. SOAPSonar is now HP Quality Center EMAP certified.
Version 4.5.5 features new QoS performance criteria rules, new database processing tasks.
What's new in this version:
HP Quality Center EMAP Certification. Native Quality Center Integration. New QoS Performance Criteria Rules. New Database processing tasks.

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